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4 Ports / 36 Hours of recording time / 500 Mail Box




SKU: 100311330
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    The VME Pro is Aleen's latest, advanced, solid state, flash memory Voice Mail Solution with a Unified Messaging optioni. The VME Pro provides 500 mailboxes, has a built-in modem and Ethernet connection, and is an 4 port version with 36 hours of memory. This flash-based Voice Mail/Automated Attendant Solution provides full software download capabilities and comes in a state-of-the-art 19-inch case rack with optional wall mounting brackets. 

    The VME Pro has been designed and developed to accommodate the needs of medium to large sized businesses. Key features:

    • Storage capacity - from 36 to 72 hours
    • Notification - possible from all 4 ports
    • Maintenance - using the built-in modem
    • Number of mailboxes - upto 500

    The VME Pro is based on the latest technology, supporting a wide array of Voice Messaging and Automated Attendant features and multiple concurrent language capabilities, as well as off-site notification and fax tone detection. SMS notification option is also available. 

    Personal mailbox management: Installed on a desktop PC or laptop, the Personal Mailbox Management Utility (PMM) is a tool for personal mailbox maintenance. Using a LAN connection, the mailbox owner can easily change the main parameters: password, language, notification, call forwarding, etc. In addition, the mailbox owner can obtain mailbox statistics, such as the number of new, saved and stored messages. 



    Voice Mail Features:

    • 500 Mailboxes
    • Notification from all ports (selectable)
    • Up to 92 messages per mailbox
    • Custom Greetings, Mailboxes and Language per Mailbox
    • Date and Time Stamp (Software optional - on or off)
    • Skip Forward to next Message
    • Automatic message purge
    • Password protection
    • Do Not Disturb Mode
    • Message Delivery: Pager, Work Extension, Mobile, Home
    • Message Notification: Message Waiting LCD/LED, Interrupted Dial Tone (dependent on host switch)
    • Call recording (depending on PBX type)
    • PMM User Utility - manage mailboxes
    • 36 to 72 hours of recording time
    • 8 ports

    Automated Attendant Features

    • Languages: Three are available on the VME-4000. American English, Spanish, and French
    • Automatic Mode/System Schedules: Day, Night, Holiday, Break
    • Call transfer: Supervised, Semi-Supervised, Non-Supervised
    • 98 Script Menus (each with up to 9 minutes recording time) with Single Digit Access
    • Default Transfer to Operator
    • Directory Listing (dial by name, first or last, configurable)
    • Fax Detection and Routing
    • Direct Dialing to Extensions
    • Greeting by Port
    • Answering on First Ring
    • Audio-text
    • Dial-a-String
    • Multiple repetitions

    System / Administration Features:

    • Software download, flash-based EPROM
    • Built-in DTMF line monitor
    • Port status display
    • Built-in modem for remote administration
    • Ethernet network connection for TCP/IP integration with LAN
    • Report Generator: Configurations, Memory Usages, Traffic Reports
    • Programming: PC programming (Windows based Utility Program), Touch-Tone Phone (using DTMF tones)
    • Security passwords: system administrator, operator, mailbox owner
    • Integration with most existing PBX and Key Systems: In-Band DTMF Integration, Out-Band Serial Port RS-232 (SMDI) Integration
    • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    • Adjustable Recording Length (1-9 Minutes per mailbox/script)
    • 19-inch case rack with wall mounting option
    • Line Monitor
    • Setup Wizard - Quick Setup Guide
    • Disconnect Detection: Current loop, Busy tone, Disconnect Tone, Dial Tone, Disconnect DTMF signal, Silence Detection
    • External notification management

    Unified Messaging Option

    • E-mail client integration
    • Retrieve voice messages
    • E-mail notification with or without message attachment
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