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Pantel IP With Single Button Piezo Keypad for Pure IP PBX  - SIP

**Adding IP Video Camera is Optional in additional charge.

Pantel IP With Single Button Piezo Keypad

  • Access control IP Door phones for IP-based PBXs

    Designed for pure IP environments
    Central control on multiple doors
    Remote opening from distant sites
    Stylish and prestigious design
    Live IP video streaming - Optional **
    Anti-vandal & weather resistant
    steel housing
    Protected against water droplets
    and dust (IP55 and IP65* standard)
    Electromagnetic compatibility for
    industrial environments

    Complying with harsh environment standards

    Protection Class IP55 is a standard that checks the device functionality in a dusty environment and splashed water durability.

    IEC 61000-6-2 is a EU EMC Generic Immunity Standard that checks the device's behavior under Electric Discharge and Electronic magnetic interference both in its power lines and in its near surrounding.

    Pancode IP sends real time video to your PC

    ITS Telecom has added new items to our Pancode IP product family to support Video Over IP capturing. 
    The Pantel VoIP/Pancode VoIP unit provides the video stream via the TCP/IP based network. Especially inside network video server generates an MPEG4 video at different resolutions, allowing for high quality monitoring while recording at a different image rate maximizing storage and transmission efficiency. In addition to network server supports DirectX 9.0 supporting viewer, which enable PC CPU resources to drop.

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