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Aleen / ITS Telecom MusicTel-A MP3 Remote Messaging on Hold VIA IP (Pull\Push)

Musictel - A

SKU: I00331000
  • IP-Pull\Push Self-Updating

    The unique MusicTel-A self-updating music and messaging on-hold solution generates a scheduled IP call to a predefined server of the MoH Production House. MusicTel-A then “pulls” its dedicated MP3 files and updated schedules to the unit’s memory.

    Special Features

    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) recognition allows easy IP connection for fast and easy installation

    32 Mb of recording capacity lets you schedule a wide variety of messages and melodies:
      - Up to 100 MP3 music/messaging files
      - 1 hour and 40 minutes of high quality recording time

    Music Mixing from separate music and messaging tracks

    Optional Play List, Interrupt Messages, Fading

    Daily Task Scheduler automatically rotates through your daily, weekly and holiday messages

    Advanced updating features let you record and change messages to multiple units at the same time over an IP network, or connect directly to each device

    GUI Content Management Systems

    Efficient IPMAN-A Administrator acts as the PC central database providing MP3 files and predetermined schedules on request to MusicTel-A units in the field. Containing all required information for unit identification, IPMAN-A responds to IP calls from registered MusicTel-A units.

    User-Friendly MAN-A utility program handles MusicTel-A configuration and maintenance. The user-friendly MAN-A saves the changed configuration and schedule file, making it available via IPMAN-A when a request is received from a remote MusicTel-A unit.

    Standard Features

    FLASH Memory saves recordings even during power out

    No moving mechanical parts guarantees solid reliability

    No more CDs helps you reduce production and shipment costs

    Real-Time Control lets you update marketing campaigns in seconds

    Volume Control

    Password Protection

    Superior Voice Quality

    Zero Gap Seamless Audio


    One Year Warranty

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