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Aleen / ITS Telecom - Aleen CGW-I ISDN-BRI Gateway


SKU: I00300021
  • Features

    Connect your ISDN telephone system directly to GSM cellular networks

    The CGW-I is a BRI Cellular Gateway that lets you call cellular numbers from your ISDN telephone system, benefiting from low business tariffs, bypassing your landline carrier and eliminating interconnection fees.

    The CGW-I is your transparent and low cost solution for calls to mobile phones:

    • Fast ROI (Return On Investment)
    • Available with 2 GSM/CDMA channels
    • Supports worldwide GSM frequencies (900/1800, 850/1900MHz), CDMA One and CDMA 2000 (800/1900MHz)

    Incoming and Outgoing Call Features

    • Intelligent Routing - Return up to 1,500 mobile calls directly to the calling DDI (Direct Dial-In). CGW-I stores the link between the dialing extension and the dialed cellular number. When a missed mobile call is returned, CGW-I recognizes the Caller ID and routes the caller to the dialer's extension.
    • MSN Routing - Route incoming cellular calls to default Multi-Subscriber Number (MSN), such as a specific extension, Automated Attendant or Voice Mail system.
    • Call Barring - Dedicate your SIM to handle only incoming calls, outgoing calls, or both.
    • Call Diversion - Automatically reroute incoming calls to an alternate channel when SIM is busy.
    • Toll Restrictions - Define which cellular operator prefixes to allow the CGW-I to call and which ones not to allow.
    • Redirect Calls - Override Toll Restrictions and set up a cross-network connection.
    • Call Duration - Limit the length of calls to protect you from connections that are accidentally left open.

    System Management & Monitoring

    • Full Device Control - Configure system parameters and view system status levels directly from your PC with included user-friendly Windows‑based utility program.
    • Alarms - Set thresholds to trigger selected SMS and Email alarms.
    • Statistics - View accumulated time and bad reception levels for each SIM.
    • CDR - Call Detail Recording log for up to 2,500 records.
    • Balance Call Distribution - Evenly distribute call traffic sent to each SIM.

    Configurable Controls & Maintenance

    • CLIP/CLIR - Display or hide SIM card numbers using Calling Line Identification Presentation/Restriction setting.
    • SIM PIN Control - Protect each SIM within the unit from unauthorized use if removed.
    • Network Lock - Configure your CGW-I to work permanently with only a specific operator.
    • Roaming - Allow calls to automatically connect to the strongest available signal or restrict them to a specific network operator.
    • Dialing Mode Support - Overlap or En Block.
    • End of Dialing Digit - Reduce the time required to connect a dialed number.
    • Gain Control - Adjust volume levels for both incoming and outgoing calls on each channel.

    System Specifications

    • 2 Voice Channels: Each with Integrated Cellular Module
    • Indicator LEDs: LAN Status (Line and Active), Module Status
    • Built-in LCD: Indicates Signal Strength, Operational Status and Cellular Operator Name to simplify maintenance.
    • ISDN Protocol Support: National ISDN 1 and 2, EuroISDN (Standard, In Bound DTMF Dialing, France, Germany), 1TR6 (Germany)
    • PBX BRI Interfaces: NT/TE, PtP/PtMP
    • Connectors: RS-232, LAN, ISDN Interface, SMA antenna, Sync In, Power Supply
    • Frequency Ranges: 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz (GSM), 800/1900MHz (CDMA One/2000)
    • SIM Card: 3V (Plug-in, Small)
    • Receiver Sensitivity: -104dBm
    • External Power Supply:
      • Input: 110VAC, 60Hz / 220VAC, 50Hz
      • Output: 9VDC, 1.5Amp
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 8.47x1.69x7.28 inch / 215x43x185 mm
    • Weight: 2.12 lbs / 0.96 kg
    • Operating Temperature: 320-1130F / 00-450C
    • Relative Humidity: 5-95%
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